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Over time, a series of demonstrations programs have been made that make use of the midres library. These examples have the sole purpose of demonstrating the possibility of achieving certain effects, often more efficiently than other solutions. However, they are not intended as real programs.


To build a specific demo, you need to choose the target and to invoke make as follows:

 make demo=SLIDESHOW target=c64

Note that not all demos are available for all targets.


List of available examples:

  • SLIDESHOW: a very simple slideshow player.
  • DRAWING: a very simple animation made using drawing primitives (v1.1).
  • BITBLIT: a very simple animation made using bit blit primitives (v1.2).
  • TILES: a very simple animation made using tile primitives (v1.3).

Matrix of compatibility

DEMO c16 vic20 vic2024 c64 plus4 c128 atari coleco msx
BITBLIT yes yes
DRAWING yes yes yes yes
SLIDESHOW yes yes yes yes yes
TILE yes yes yes yes