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The MIDRES library allows to create WORA (Write Once Run Anywhere) programs that are very efficient "by design" on various 8-bit platforms, without the need for “fine tuning” them and without compromises of other dev-kits.

The isomorphic approach is different from abstraction.

It is based on mapping the underlying hardware without making use of third-party libraries and by matching complex and heterogeneous structures, albeit homologous, to each other. When the (client) code written with this approach is satisfactory (in terms of execution speed or use of resources), then it is already optimized for any other platform.


To add support for the midres library, simply include the “midres.h” file in the necessary sources. This file contains all the definitions and data types required for manipulating the screens, doing animations and so on.

  #include "midres.h"

This page contains the a short function reference (it's a work in progress).

For some activities, you can use some tools “out of the box”:

  • img2midres - to convert images into midres screens.
  • img2tile - to convert images into programmable tiles.


Official repository contains a generic makefile built through an automatic procedure written in PHP (automake.php). It is possible to rebuild the makefile at any time by typing the command:

 php automake.php

The makefile has been designed to be able to compile a specific demo, tutorial or program for a specific platform. The current list of programs is available on this page.

To compile the demo “TILE” for Commodore 64, the command is

 make demo=TILE target=c64 all

To compile the tutorial “CTILE” for Atari, the command is

 make demo=CTILE target=atari all

To compile the program “Air Attack!” for Commodore 128, the command is

 make program=airattack target=c128 all


The Elevator game

Alien Storm game

Totto! game

Air Attack! game


This page contains the list of demonstration programs, which can be compiled using the makefile from the library source.