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ugBASIC User Manual



   = LOAD( filename[,address] )
   = LOAD( filename AS alias[,address] )


The LOAD command allows you to load a generic binary file from the file system of the host system and use it, as a buffer, directly in the program. Loading occurs at compile time: there is no access to the target system's file system. If multiple uploads are made to the same file, a single buffer will still be generated.

An absolute starting address can be given: in that case, files will be loaded starting from that position instead of the first free position available.

Since it is possible to upload only one file of the same type at a time, it is necessary to be able to indicate an “alias” with which to exceed this limit. In this regard, there is also the AS syntax, which allows you to load the same file several times but with different names.


  testo = LOAD("aiuto.txt")
  testoRipetuto = LOAD("aiuto.txt" AS "aiuto1")
  schermata = LOAD("aiuto.txt", 0x8400)
  schermataRipetuta = LOAD("aiuto.txt" AS "schermata2", 0x8400)

See also the following example files:




  • Atari (400/800)
  • Atari XL/XE
  • Commodore 128 (MOS 8502)
  • Commodore 128 (Zilog Z80)
  • Commodore 64
  • Commodore 64+REU
  • TRS-80 Color Computer
  • TRS-80 Color Computer 3
  • ColecoVision
  • Amstrad CPC 664
  • Dragon 32
  • Dragon 64
  • Thomson MO5
  • Thomson MO5
  • Olivetti Prodest PC128
  • Commodore PLUS/4
  • SEGA SC-3000
  • SEGA SG-1000
  • VG-5000
  • Commodore VIC-20
  • ZX Spectrum 48


If you have encountered a problem using this command, if you think there is a bug or the explanation is unclear, please open an issue for this keyword on GitHub. Thank you!